The database example used for class fixtures is a great example: you may want to initialize a database with a set of test data, and then leave that test data in place for use by multiple test classes. You can use the collection fixture feature of to share a single object instance among tests in several test class. xUnit IClassFixture. Sometimes test context creation and cleanup can be very expensive. If you were to run the creation and cleanup code during every test, it might make the tests slower than you want. You can use the class fixture feature of to share a single object instance among all tests in a test class. Using F# with xUnit Interfaces. Lines 29 and 30 ensures we have a new database with no data in it. The test is straight forward. Lines 6-12 creates a repository and a person with no email address. Line 14 calls the Add method in our repository passing in the person. Lines 16-19 carry our checks. If you run the tests, all should be good.

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